Build-A-Panel™ Control Panels


Our Build-A-Panel program delivers customer-specific product flexibility without the cost of customization.

With the range of Build-A-Panel solutions from SJE Rhombus, you can easily optimize your control panel solution. Our Build-A-Panel program can provide the specified functionality, performance, and interface systems to fit your unique requirements.

Contact SJE Rhombus to discuss how we can partner with you to design a high-quality, robust custom pump control panel that meets your water monitoring and pumping needs.

Model 115

Model 112

Model 122

Model 312

Model 322

Model 32S

Model 32XR

Model 113

Model 123

Model 114

Model 124

Model 314

Model 324

Model TD

PS11/PS12 Control Panel

JB Plugger

Ultra Nator™

PS Patrol®

SJE Oil Spotter™

SJE Oil Spotter™ Auto

Quick Post Plus™ Outdoor System

Quick Post Plus™ System with Indoor Alarm

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