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The links below contain information on most SJE Rhombus products. If you do not find the information you’re searching for, please contact us and one of our specialists will provide you the information promptly. Call 1-888-342-5753 or email us.

Alarm Circuit Troubleshooting

Alternating Circuit Board Test

Three & Four Float System

Circuit Board

Circuit Board

Option Key

6A = Auxiliary Alarm Contacts – 19B = Lead/Lag Selector Switch – 19T(U): 19T = Test/Off/Automatic Switch – 19U = Hand/Off/Automatic Switch – 19X = Door Mounted Pump Run Indicators

Duplex Three & Four Float Test

Duplex Alternating Board

Models 122, 123, 124, 322, and 324 control panels

Duplex Troubleshooting

122, 322, 123, or 124 control panels

Full Load Current

Full Load Current

Short Cycling

Simplex and Duplex control panels

Simplex Troubleshooting

112, 312, 113, and 114 control panels

Starter Boxes Troubleshooting

All Models

Timed Dosing Troubleshooting

Models TD, DTD, and PS control panels