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SJE Rhombus Build-A-PanelTM PLUS pump control panels provide unmatched flexibility, durability, and performance.

The Build-A-Panel™ PLUS Program offers expanded control panel options not available through the standard catalog.
Enjoy the quality, flexibility and versatility of our leading Build-A-Panel™ control panels, PLUS so much more. Our Build-A-Panel™ PLUS Program is designed to benefit customers who require additional options beyond what our standard control panel line offers, but do not require a custom engineered solution. The Build-A-Panel™ PLUS Program utilizes inventoried components to allow for:

  • 24-hour quote response
  • 3-5 week build-to-ship*
  • Affordable solutions
  • Two-year limited warranty

Options Include:

  • Motor starters up to 100 Amps per pump
  • IEC or NEMA rated starters
  • Soft starters or VFD’s
  • Enclosure sizes up to 60 x 36 x 16 inches
  • Inner door with indicators and operators
  • Circuit breakers with maximum SCCR 5KA
  • Generator receptacles, 60 amps or 100 amps
  • SJE Rhombus dedicated pump controllers
  • Phone landline auto-dialers

Connect with SJE Rhombus to discuss how we can partner with you to design a high-quality, pump control panel that meets your water monitoring and pumping needs.

* Due to supply chain and labor constraint issues, lead times are as quoted and subject to change based on availability.

Build-A-Panel™ PLUS

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