Installation Tips

Common Errors and New Installation Tips

Most Common New Installation Errors to Avoid:

Panels equipped with the redundant off option

  • Redundant off float not connected.
  • Pump will not run in hand or automatic mode on a TD type panel.
  • Pump will not run in automatic mode on a standard panel. It will however, run in hand mode.
  • If the float is not available, secure jumper wire in place of the redundant off float.

Panels equipped with thermal cutout connection

  • Pump does not run in Hand or Automatic mode.
  • Verify thermal cutout is connected.

To test panel operation:
Disconnect voltage. Tag and remove the thermal cutout wires.
Use a jumper wire (on panel terminal block) in place of the thermal cutout wires.
Reconnect voltage. If pump runs in hand mode, thermal cutout connection is incorrect or possible defective thermal switch in pump.

Installation Tips to Assist in New Installation:

Incoming power:
Correct incoming voltage: Example—208V or 240V or 480V
ControlAlarm voltage: L1—–L1——N
For code some places require two 120V lines to come in and share neutral, otherwise bring in the hot lead to a L1 (TB1:1) and neutral to N (TB1:3) and jumper L1 (TB1:1) and L1 (TB1:2) together.

Floats: Have to be in correct order and on correct terminal block position

4-Float, Duplex
3-Float Duplex
Jumper on (TB1:8&10)
Time Dose, Simplex
Time Dose, Duplex
Timer Override-wide
Timer Override-wide
Angle (optional) (TB1:3&4)
Angle (optional) (TB1:5&6)
Low Level Cutout-wide
Low Level Cutout-wide angle(TB1:3&4)
Redundant Off (optional) (TB1:7&8)
Redundant Off (optional) (TB1:1&2)

Make sure:

  • Breakers ON
  • Overload ON
  • Motor protective switch ON
  • Power switch (PCB) ON
  • HOA (handoffauto) switch to correct position.
  • Automatic is all the way down toward pump run lights on PCB.
  • Lead lag switch to correct position. 3 position switch, center is alternate.

Three Phase panels:
Floating wire, has a white tag, hooked up to correct transformer position for appropriate voltage.

Seal FailThermal Cutout:
Hooked up to correct terminal block connections.
Seal fail=infinite ohms open
Thermal cutout=0 ohms closed

Pump Switch Tether Lengths Chart

pump switch tether length chart