PS11/PS12 Control Panel

PS11/PS12 Control Panel

ps11/12 panel with new timer

The PS11/PS12 panels provide a reliable means of controlling two separate 120V (PS11) or 208/240V (PS12) single phase pumps (pump chamber and sand filter chamber pumps) in an onsite septic installation. Magnetic motor contactors rated at 20 FLA are used to turn the pumps on and off. Elapsed time meter and event counter meters are provided to monitor both pumps. A 360° beacon and 85 dB horn will activate upon a high level condition in either chamber. A high level condition in the sand filter chamber deactivates the pump chamber.

Includes all required float switches:
Pump Chamber: (3) 20’ SJE PumpMaster® pump switches
Sand Filter Chamber: (1) 20’ SJE PumpMaster® pump switch, (1) 20’ SJE VerticalMaster® pump switch and (1) 20’ SJE PumpMaster® SPDT pump switch

ps11/12 panel with new timer


PS11/PS12 Control Panel
  • Entire control system (panel and switches) is UL Listed to meet and/or exceed industry safety standards
  • Dual safety certification for the United States and Canada
  • Standard package includes three 20′ SJE PumpMaster® pump switches, and one 20′ SJE PumpMaster® SPDT pump switch
  • Complete with step-by-step installation instructions
  • Five-year limited warranty


PS11/PS12 Control Panel

1. Enclosure measures 14 x 12 x 6 inches (35.56 x 30.48 x 15.24 cm);
NEMA 4X (ultraviolet stabilized thermoplastic) with removable mounting feet for indoor or outdoor use.
2. Pump Chamber Magnetic Motor Contactor controls pump chamber pump by switching electrical lines.
3. Sand Filter Magnetic Motor Contactor controls sand filter pump by switching electrical lines.
4. Alarm/Control Fuse
5. Float Switch Terminal Block
6. Control/Pump Power Terminal Block
7. Programmable Timer features separate variable controls to allow for pump chamber pump on/off time settings from .05 seconds to 30 hours.
8. Pump Chamber Circuit Breaker provides pump chamber disconnect and provides branch circuit protection.
9. Sand Filter Circuit Breaker provides sand filter pump disconnect and provides branch circuit protection.
10. HOA Switches provide manual pump control.
11. Ground Lugs
12. Spare Fuse
13. Red Alarm Beacon provides 360° visual check of alarm condition.
14. Alarm Horn provides audio warning of alarm condition (83 to 85 decibel rating).
15. Exterior Alarm Test/Normal/Silence Switch allows horn and light to be tested and horn to be silenced in an alarm condition. Alarm automatically resets once alarm condition is cleared.
16. Horn Silence Relay (mounted under bracket).
17. Elapsed Time Meter
18. Event Counter

NOTE: Wiring Diagram, Pump Specification Label and Timer Installation Label are located inside the panel on enclosure cover.


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