Three Phase Duplex Alernating Pump Control with Override in NEMA 4X Fiberglass Enclosure

The Model 32XR control panel is designed to alternately control two three phase pumps in industrial and commercial water and sewage systems using a 4-20 mA level transmitter. In addition to transmitter control, this system will accept a high water float to activate the alarm and run both pumps. This panel also provides a redundant low level cutout, seal fail and thermal cutout for both pumps. Common applications include lift stations, pump chambers and irrigation systems.

The 32XR three phase duplex control panel is designed to be rugged, simple and versatile. One panel handles three voltages and a wide range variety of pump motor amperage requirements by simply field installing overload modules – up to 32 amps each. The 32XR operates with a 4-20mA level transducer which can be configured for either 1 or 2 backup float switches. The 32XR features the simple to operate LCX3 controller with an intuitive menu and graphic display.

32xr panel


Panel Features:
  • TYPE 4X fiberglass with mounting feet (for indoor or outdoor use)
  • Padlockable Latch provides added safety
  • IEC HP Rated Motor Starters perform contactor/circuit breaker function, up to 32 FLA (requires separate overload modules). Provides location for field wiring of incoming power and pumps
  • Multi-tap Transformer (208/230/460 VAC primary) provides 120 VAC control/alarm voltage
  • Class 10 Ambient Overload Modules (purchased separately) provide overload-short circuit, phase failure-phase imbalance and ground fault protection (equipment protection only); accessible through inner door (two overload modules required, field installation required)
  • Terminal Block provides connections for field wiring of transmitter, floats, auxiliary alarm contact, seal fail and thermal cutout for each pump
  • Ground Lugs provide location for field wiring ground wires for incoming power and pumps
  • Lightning Arrestor provides surge suppression with immediate indication if replacement is required
  • Power Supply provides 24 VDC to LCX3 controller and backup float(s)
  • LCX3 Controller sequences pumps on and off in response to a change in level input provided by a 4-20 mA sensor and also provides pump over temp, seal fail, pump run, pump fail, high level and low level monitoring indications
  • Hand/Off/Auto Switches for manual pump control
  • Green Pump Run Indicator Lights identify pump called to run condition
  • Inner Door provides added safety for panel operation
  • Red Alarm Beacon provides 360° visual check of alarm condition
  • Alarm Horn provides audible warning of alarm condition
  • Test/Normal/Silence Switch allows horn and light to be tested and horn to be silenced in an alarm condition. Alarm automatically resets once alarm condition is cleared
Overload Modules (sold separately, each panel requires two modules):
  • Overload module, 3.0 – 12.0 FLA
  • Overload module, 8.0 – 32.0 FLA
UL/cUL Listed
Dual safety certification for the United States and Canada
Five-Year Limited Warranty


  • 18 x 16 x 10 inches (45.7 x 40.6 x 25.4 cm) TYPE 4X stainless steel with mounting feet
  • 95 decibel rating

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