SJE PumpMaster® SPDT

Mechanically-Activated, Wide-Angle Pump Switch
Control switches accurately monitor liquid levels to activate pump control panels and alarms.

pump master float switch

This mechanically-activated, wide-angle pump switch provides automatic control of pumps in:

  • Water
  • Sewage applications

It can be wired to work in either pump down (normally open) or pump up (normally closed) applications.

The SJE PumpMaster® SPDT pump switch is not sensitive to rotation or turbulence allowing it to be used in both calm and turbulent applications.

pump master float switch


  • Can be wired to work in either pump down (normally open) or pump up (normally closed) applications (single pole, double throw)
  • Heavy-duty contacts
  • Controls pumps up to 1/2 HP at 120 VAC and 1 HP at 230 VAC
  • For direct wiring in 120 or 230 VAC applications
  • Adjustable pumping range of 7 to 36 inches (18 to 91 cm)
  • Includes standard mounting clamp and boxed packaging
UL Listed, CSA Certified
Five-Year Limited Warranty

A Pump Switch is designed for Horsepower (HP) rated loads and is not suitable for control (pilot duty) applications. It will fail prematurely when switching loads less than 1 Amp at 120 VAC. Select a float switch from our Control Switch offering for control applications.


  • Flexible 16 gauge, 3 conductor (UL, CSA) SJOW, water-resistant (CPE)
  • 3.05 inch diameter x 3.56 inch long (7.75 x 9.04 cm) high impact, corrosion resistant, PVC housing for use in sewage and water up to 140°F (60°C)

120 VAC 50/60Hz Single Phase

  • Maximum Pump Running Current:
    • 13 amps
  • Maximum Pump Starting Current:
    • 85 amps
  • Recommended Pump HP:
    • 1/2 HP or less

230 VAC 50/60Hz Single Phase

  • Maximum Pump Running Current
    • 13 amps
  • Maximum Pump Starting Current
    • 85 amps
  • Recommended Pump HP
    • 1 HP or less

Note: This switch must be used with pumps that provide integral thermal overload protection.


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