EZ Series® In-Site® CL with Bluetooth® Simplex Demand/Timed Dose

In-Site to On-site Just Got Easier!

ez in-site simplex panel inside

The EZ Series® In-Site® CL simplex control panel features wireless Bluetooth® connection for your smart device. Now there is no need to open the panel for configuration, viewing status or downloading data using the new EZ InSite® Connect App. The Bluetooth® module allows safe and secure access in all weather conditions to the control panel for quick and convenient configuration, viewing status or data download.

The EZ Series® In-Site® CL simplex control panel is designed to control one 120, 208, 240 VAC single phase pump in water and sewage installations. The panel configuration can be easily converted in the field to either a timed dose or demand dose using a tablet or smartphone. All system data including pump run times, pump cycles, alarm conditions, power outages, and more can be downloaded using the exclusive EZ InSite® Connect App. Data reports make diagnosing system conditions easy.

The panel utilizes the C-Level™ sensor for continuous level monitoring and records up to 4000 system events, including pump run times, pump cycles, alarm conditions, HOA settings, power outages, service calls and more. The C-Level™ sensor is a pressure transducer that senses the liquid level in the tank and sends a signal to the EZ Series® In-Site® panel. C-Level™ CL40 sensor operating range is 3-39.9 inches (7.6-101.3 cm). C-Level™ CL100 operating range is 3-99.5 inches (7.6-252.7 cm).

The new compact redesign (10” x 8” x 4”) is ideal for residential applications. The innovative internal design of components and integral mounting tabs make installation quick and simple. Includes integral padlockable latch for added safety.


EZ In-Site® Connect App – Configuration & Setup

EZ In-Site Connect supports the EZ Series® In-Site® CL panel by aiding in the configuration and setup verification of your system. Use the app to monitor the panel operation with pump statistics and a level bar graph which updates as the water level changes.

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in-site report app icon In-Site® Report App – View Log Files

This new app from SJE Rhombus lets you easily view log files from EZ Series® In-Site® Control Panels right from your mobile device! Now available as an app on Android, iOS, and Microsoft, you no longer need a laptop to view the log files. This means you can access important information while at the panel, giving you more time to spot issues before they become a bigger problem.

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ez insite simplex panel inside


  • Entire control system is UL Listed to meet and/or exceed industry safety standards
  • Dual safety certification for the United States and Canada
  • Bluetooth® wireless connection for easy configuration and data downloading to a smart mobile device
  • Complete with step-by-step installation instructions
UL/cUL Listed
  • Five-year limited warranty on panel
  • Two-year limited warranty on C-Level™ Sensor
C-Level™ Sensor US Patent No. 8,567,242; 8,336,385; 8,650,949.


  • Enclosure base measures 10 X 8 X 4 inches (25.4 X 20.32 X 10.16 cm). NEMA 4X (ultraviolet stabilized thermoplastic with integral mounting tabs for outdoor or indoor use). Includes integral locking latch as standard.
  • Red LED Alarm Beacon provides visual check of alarm condition.
  • Circuit Breaker provides pump power disconnect and branch circuit protection.
  • Safety Cover with touch safe design.
  • C-Level™ Sensor/Float Connection Terminal Block
  • Incoming Control/Alarm Power & Pump Power Terminal Block
  • Control Power Indicator light illuminates if control power is present in panel.
  • Float Status Indicator lights illuminate when float is active.
  • Pump Run Indicator light illuminates when pump is called to run.
  • Pump Manual Run Switch
  • Tank Level Indicator
  • Bluetooth® Wireless module
  • Ground lug(s)
  • Auxiliary Alarm Indicator

NOTE: Wiring Diagram and Pump Specification Label are located inside the panel.

  • Exterior Alarm Test/Silence Switch allows horn and light to be tested and horn to be silenced in an alarm condition. Alarm automatically resets once alarm condition is cleared.
  • Alarm Horn provides audio warning of alarm condition (83 to 85 decibel rating).


Available Downloads
Software & Apps
  • EZ In-Site® Connect App

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  • In-Site® Report App

get it on google playdownload on the app store get it from microsoft

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