IFS Single Phase Duplex

Single Phase Duplex Demand / Timed Dose

ifs single phase duplex

Installer Friendly Series® control panels utilize circuit board technology for advanced pump control and system monitoring.

The Next Generation IFS duplex control panel utilizes an innovative circuit board design enclosed in a touch-safe housing to control two 120/208/240V single phase pumps in water and sewage applications. These newly redesigned IFS panels feature an easy-to use color LCD interface located on the inner door for programming and system monitoring. The panel configuration can be easily converted in the field to either a timed dose or demand dose through the LCD interface. Available with the EZconnex® float system.

The panel can easily be changed in the field to utilize either floats or the patented C-Level™ sensor for continuous level monitoring. The C-Level™ sensor senses the level in the tank and sends a signal to the panel. Pump activation levels can be adjusted by using the LCD interface. C-Level™ CL40 sensor operating range is 3-39.9 inches (7.6-101.3 cm). C-Level™ CL100 operating range is 3-99.5 inches (7.6-252.7 cm).

Panel layout may vary with options.
Reg. Cdn Pat. & TM Off
C-Level™ Sensor US Patent No. 8,336,385; 8,567,242; 8,650,949

ifs single phase duplex


LED Interface Features:
  • MFull color graphics and menu navigation encoder for easy setup
  • Touch safe housing
  • Pump Hand/Off/Auto Control selectable via menu navigation
  • C-Level™ Sensor or Float operation selectable via menu navigation
  • Demand or Timed Dose operation selectable via menu navigation
  • Tank Level Indication and setpoint monitoring at-a-glance
  • Lead pump is easily identified by a graphic ring around the current lead pump regardless of control mode (timed dose or demand)
  • Displays remaining time in each active ON or OFF Timed Dose mode, as well as at-a-glance ON or OFF time elapsed graphic around lead pump
  • RJ45 communication connector
  • Manual alarm reset (configurable)
UL/cUL Listed
  • Five-year limited warranty on panel
  • Two-year limited warranty on C-Level™ Sensor
C-Level™ Sensor US Patent No. 8,567,242; 8,336,385; 8,650,949.


  1. Enclosure measures 12 x 10 x 6 inches (30.48 x 24.4 x 15.24) NEMA 4X (ultraviolet stabilized thermoplastic, padlockable with integral mounting flanges, drip shield, heavy duty cover latches, and stainless steel ¼ turn set screw; for outdoor or indoor use)
  2. Red Alarm Beacon provides 360° visual check of alarm condition
  3. Circuit breakers provides pump power disconnect and branch circuit protection included as standard on all panels
  4. C-Level™ Sensor and float connection terminal blocks
  5. Controller Features:
    1. Incoming Control/Alarm Power terminal blocks
    2. Control/Alarm Power/System Status green LED indicators illuminate if control/alarm power is present and controller is operating*
    3. Controller status green LED indicators for: Power/Active, Float Input Status, Pump Run, C-Level Active*
    4.  Normally open auxiliary alarm contacts included as standard
    5.  Control Power On/Off switch
    6. Green LED Pump Run indicators illuminate when pump is called to run*
    7.  Control panel able to operate if LCD interface fails or is disconnected
    8. Touch safe housing


  6. Alarm Horn provides audible warning of alarm condition (not shown)
  7. Exterior Alarm Test/Silence push button allows horn and light to be tested and horn to be silenced in an alarm condition; alarm automatically resets once alarm condition is cleared (not shown)
  8. Modbus Port (RJ45) for future expansion – eg. seal fail modules, remote monitoring, valve control, In-Site®, logging, etc. (not shown)

*In fault condition, LED indicators will be red.

Note: Added options, voltage, and amp range selected may change enclosure size and enclosure features, and component layout.

Note: Schematic/Wiring Diagram and Pump Specification Label are located inside the panel.


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