SJE Rhombus® Introduces Xpert Alert® WiFi Indoor Alarm System

SJE Rhombus, the expert in quality pump control solutions for water and wastewater applications, introduces the Xpert Alert WiFi Indoor Alarm System. This new alarm provides the style and features of the regular Xpert Alert, plus WiFi connectivity to protect homes 24/7.

It helps prevent potentially costly damage due to flooding, pump failure or freezing pipes. The system monitors and reports any residential alarm condition by notifying the owner locally (audible and visual alarms) and remotely via SMS text messages and/or emails over a WiFi or Ethernet network. With a sleek, modern design and easy installation, this is the perfect alarm for any homeowner.

The alarm works with the homeowner’s existing WiFi or Ethernet network. This means there are no monthly fees or contracts. Since it does not rely on a cellular connection, it is an excellent solution for areas with poor cellular service. Easy installation and setup make this a great option for businesses, rental properties and seasonal homes where remote monitoring is more efficient than checking the alarm locally.

How does it work? When the tank level rises, the high water float activates the alarm (audible and visual) to alert the homeowner of potentially threatening liquid level conditions. The sleek design of the Xpert Alert WiFi Alarm incorporates an LED alarm light ring that illuminates red for alarm one and amber for alarm two. Two sensor inputs give users the flexibility to choose which separate liquid level conditions to monitor. When alarm conditions occur, the homeowner is notified by text and/or email message.

The Xpert Alert WiFi Alarm also monitors low temperature conditions. When the temperature drops below 40°F (4°C), the low temperature indicator LED turns from green to red and the alarm sounds to alert the homeowner of the condition. This function can be disabled in cold climates.

The alarm features a large, easy-to-use test/silence button located conveniently on the front of the enclosure. Simply press to test or silence the alarm. The light ring will stay illuminated as long as the alarm condition exists.

The “Power On” LED indicator light illuminates green for primary power, amber for battery backup, and red when battery backup is low. The alarm will chirp when the battery is low.

In addition, the Xpert Alert WiFi Alarm includes auxiliary contacts for attachment of remote devices and has an automatic alarm reset. The switching mechanism operates on low voltage and is isolated from the power line to reduce the possibility of shock. The complete package includes a standard SJE MilliAmpMaster™ control switch.

The Xpert Alert WiFi Alarm is CSA Certified and covered by SJE Rhombus’ unmatched five-year limited warranty. Learn more at

SJE Rhombus is a leading brand of water/wastewater controls solutions with over 40 years of expertise. SJE Rhombus is marketed by SJE, a 100% employee owned, privately held company. With corporate headquarters located in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, SJE does business globally from multiple locations across the United States and Asia. To learn more, visit

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