H2O Drive® Constant Pressure Control

Variable Frequency Drive Well Pump Control Panel

h2o drive

The H2O Drive® control panel is designed to control a three phase submersible well pump in constant pressure control applications.

As flow conditions change in the pumping system, the VFD is able to automatically control the pump speed and maintain a constant pressure. The desired set pressure is entered on the color LCD display. The pressure transducer measures the pump system pressure.

h2o drive


  • 2 step quick start wizard for easy setup
    • 1. Enter set pressure
    • 2. Enter well pump amps (SFA)
  • Graphic color display (LCD):
    • High Brightness / Direct sunlight readable
    • Removable/handheld for easy programming
    • Discharge Pressure (PSI)
    • Pump run indication
    • Pump speed (Hz)
    • Pump Amps (A)
    • Message bar (Status & Alarm)
    • Alarm history
    • Password protection
    • Rotary button for easy menu navigation
  • Pump dry run alarm
  • Well recharge timer function
  • High and Low Pressure Alarm
  • Pump motor overload protection
  • Monitors transducer faults
  • Includes 0-150 PSI pressure transducer with cable
  • 2 digital inputs for optional level or floor sensor
  • 60Hz max. motor speed (default)
  • Up to 80Hz max. possible in select systems


  • Enclosure: NEMA 3R ultraviolet stabilized thermoplastic rated for outdoor use with mounting flanges, padlockable cover
    • Note: See specifications on back side for sizing.
  • Vents for VFD cooling (not shown)
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • LCD controller display

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