Endura™ Pressure Booster Control Panel

Pre-engineered Variable Frequency Drive Control Panels for Indoor Use

endura pressure booster control panel

The Endura™ Duplex or Triplex booster control panels feature the VFDC-3000 controller for commercial pressure booster pump, well pump, or irrigation applications using (2) or (3) Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). As flow and head conditions change, the controller calls for the required number of pumps to activate and automatically adjusts the speed of each VFD to maintain a constant discharge pressure to match the set point value.


  • Simple display with pressure and pump status
  • Fast and intuitive menu navigation and setup
  • Elapsed Time and Cycle Counter for each pump
  • Low pressure Alarm (pipe burst or run dry protection)
  • High pressure alarm and protection
  • System Fault Log
  • Standard package includes (1) 0-200 PSI pressure transmitter 1/4” NPT Male, NEMA 4X rated with 20 ft (6m) of cable
  • Two-year limited warranty on control panel
  • One-year limited warranty on the pressure transmitter


  1. Polycarbonate or painted steel (see table on back page), wall mounted single door enclosure; NEMA 1 indoor rated
  2. Intake filter for VFD cooling
  3. Exhaust fan and thermostat for VFD cooling
  4. Terminal blocks for easy field wiring
  5. Circuit Breaker or fuses for branch circuit protection
  6. Multitap transformer 480/240/208:120 VAC
  7. Variable frequency drives
  8. Hand/Off/Auto selector switches
  9. VFDC-3000 Controller
    1. High visibility blue OLED display 2.7 inches (6.86 cm) diagonal 64×256 pixel
    2. Rotary/Push button for easy menu navigation and editing
    3. Escape push buttons exits to main menu without saving changes
    4. Back arrow steps back one menu level and changing value adjustment scale
    5. Pump Run indicator green LEDs (3)
    6. Alarm indicator red LED

Note: Schematic/Wiring Diagram and Pump Specification Label are located inside the panel.


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