C-Con™ Converter Box

Allows Most Control Panels to Utilize the C-Level™ CL40 Floatless Sensor

The C-Con™ converts the signal from a C-Level™ CL40 sensor to simulate float levels (up to four floats). Activation levels can be conveniently set and adjusted at the C-Con™ box by using the output dials, eliminating the need to go into the tank to move float tether points. Works well in wastewater pump tanks, confined space applications, and systems with high grease content.

Note: The C-Con™ converter box can be used with most panels using control switches for pump down applications. The C-Con™ converter box is not recommended for use with plugger type panels or intrinsically safe type panels.


c-con converter box


  • NEMA 1 rated for indoor use; can be mounted in a control panel
  • Green power on indicator
  • Four independently adjustable output set points at the converter box with red LED status indicators
  • Adjustable pump start/stop and alarm levels from converter box
  • Simulate button for testing proper wiring of outputs
  • Factory-installed output and power wires
  • Works with most simplex or duplex control panels
  • Alternative to mercury float switches
  • Utilizes the innovative floatless C-Level™ Sensor
C-Level™ Sensor Options:
  • C-Level™ CL40 Sensor with 25′ Vented Cable
  • C-Level™ CL40 Sensor with 50′ Vented Cable
  • C-Level™ CL40 Sensor with 100′ Vented Cable
  • C-Level™ CL40 Sensor with 200′ Vented Cable
  • C-Level™ CL40 Sensor with 300′ Vented Cable
  • Without C-Level™ CL40 sensor
  • Five-year limited warranty on C-Con™ Converter Box
  • Two-year limited warranty on C-Level™ Sensor
C-Level™ Sensor US Patent No. 8,567,242; 8,336,385; 8,650,949.


  • 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 44 mA
  • 3 amp, 240 VAC
  • 3 x 4 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches (7.62 x 10.79 x 3.81 cm), NEMA 1 thermoplastic

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