Jackfish Lake: Low Pressure Collection and Pumping Systems

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Jackfish Lake is a renowned fishing lake in central Saskatchewan, Canada. On the southern shore of the lake is the small resort village of Metinota where there are many cottages that are offered as rentals for fishing vacations. Each cottage has its own septic system, most of which are gravity fed. Around 2010 the water quality began to deteriorate, and the town leaders realized that the septic systems were no longer working properly as drainage was entering the lake. Changes had to be made.

They brought in a local contractor, DC Dirtworks, who then contacted Anderson Pump House, the SJE Rhombus distributor in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. One key advantage that Anderson Pump House has is their technical and engineering staff is truly outstanding. Between these two organizations, they developed a recommendation to reduce algae buildup and restore water quality.


The Village of Metinota on Jackfish Lake is almost 100 miles northwest of Saskatoon. The fulltime population is less than 100, but virtually every cottage is either on Jackfish Lake or across the street from the lake. The town, simply said, revolves around the lake.


The approved initial plan necessitated replacing the gravity septic system in 49 cottages with new pumping systems and then connecting these systems to a low-pressure collection system. The low-pressure system would move the effluent down a four-mile sewer to a lift station and ultimately into a newly built lagoon, where it was treated; there would no longer be anything entering the lake.

The new cottage systems incorporated grinder pumps to ensure faster degradation of the materials in the septic tanks. SJE Rhombus products we selected for project. Model 112 control panels were specified as they are exceptionally stable in their ability to turn the grinder pumps on and off as needed and they rarely fail. The control systems have also been proven very reliable over time.

This well-designed system has improved the water quality in Jackfish Lake. Since the project began in 2012, and additional 13 cottages have been added to the original 49.


SJE Rhombus Model 112 control panel is specifically designed for single phase pump/sewage installations. Anderson Pump House knew this and made sure that it was specified into the final design. And the proof that it works is the additional 13 units added over time.

  • Owner/Client:
    • Resort City of Metinota, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Distribution Partner:
    • Anderson Pump House
    • North Battleford, Saskatoon Canada
    • Key Contact: Travis Wolfe
    • Phone: 306-937-7741
  • Manufacturer’s Representative:
    • Norm Collin & Associates
  • Project Start-End:
    • 2012 – ongoing
  • Key Personnel:
    • DC Dirtworks:
      Dean Menzie
    • Anderson Pump House:
      Travis Wolfe
    • SJE Rhombus/Norman Collin & Associates:
      Dean Collin
      Tim Callander
  • Products & Services Provided:
    • Project Management Engineering
    • Installer Friendly Series® control panel
    • Custom designed C-Level™ sensor