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Create Reports Quickly and Easily

In-Site® event monitoring control panels are designed for system programming, monitoring and reporting – available models include EZ Series® and Installer Friendly Series® control panels.

EZ Series® In-Site® CL Control Panels
Plug your laptop computer* into the Modbus Port located on the inside door to quickly download system events which have occurred, including pump run times, pump cycles, alarm conditions, HOA settings, power outages, service calls and more.  Up to 4,000 system events are stored and when capacity is reached, oldest events are replaced by the newest events.  In addition to the In-Site® software, the EZ Series® In-Site® CL control panels also come with EZ Connect software to program control panel and C-Level™ sensor parameters.

Installer Friendly Series® In-Site® Control Panels
Plug the flash drive (included with the panel) into the USB port located on the inner door of the IFS In-Site® panel to download system events which occurred, including pump run times, pump cycles, alarm conditions, power outages, service calls and more.  No computer or additional programming software is needed, as parameters for control panel and C-Level™ sensor are set using the touch pad on the IFS control panel.

In-Site® Software/Reports (for all In-Site® control panel models)
The In-Site® software formulates system data for you, creating reports quickly in an easy-to-read format so system conditions can be easily identified and corrected. In addition to monitoring system events, the In-Site® panels log any changes made to system settings, which helps protect service providers.

To the right are sample reports created using In-Site® event monitoring panel.  Click on the images to view the screens larger in .pdf.

*Requires data connection cable sold separately.

ez connect screen
EZ Connect Programming Screen: This screen allows user to program pump, C-Level™ sensor and control panel parameters.
Event Log Screen: This screen displays a complete list of all system events, including date, time, code, event, and status.
Daily Events Screen: This screen summarizes all events occurring daily: alarm events, service calls, and other events.
Event Flow Screen: This screen summarizes the number of gallons flowing through the system on a daily basis: Pump 1 Gallons (Simplex), Pump 2 Gallons (Duplex), Total Gallons.