U.S. Renal Care Dialysis Center: High Temperature Septic System

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In 2018, U.S. Renal Care decided to open a new dialysis center in Foxborough, MA. The remodeling of an existing building required an investment in a septic system that would properly treat, sanitize and dispose of the fluids used in the dialysis process.

A local environmental engineer reached out to Brad Pendleton at Pendleton Associates, an independent sales rep for SJE Rhombus, to discuss what some options might be to design the septic system. The system needed to handle 4000 gallons of wastewater at 160 degrees. The water flow cycles over an 8-12 hour business day and would have to be dispersed into a new leaching field over a 24-hour period.


Foxborough has approximately 17,000 residents and is located in the eastern Massachusetts, approximately 20 miles south of Boston. The city may be best known as the home of the New England Patriots football team and has an active city government.


High temperature dialysis wash water from the Clinic flows by gravity to a septic tank for settling purposes to dissipate sanitizing temperature. Cooled, wash water flows from the septic tank to a 9000-gallon septic tank. The tank retains the liquid, dispersing a 4000-gallon daily flow over a 24-hour period. An alternating pumping system pumps the liquid to a duplex FAST treatment system for aeration. This flow is gravity fed from the FAST system to the existing pump chamber that contains duplex Barnes pumps.

The liquid is pumped to three drain fields on alternating cycles every 30 minutes via motorized valves. The flow to each field is different due to the length of the pipes, size of the fields, and the time it will take to fill the transportation piping to the three drain fields. Drain back time from the field is assigned through drain back timers in the SJE Rhombus custom control panel.


SJE Rhombus Custom Panel Program has a dedicated group of engineering and manufacturing resources available to manage each step in the process. They designed and built the control solution which included a custom control panel to operate duplex pump systems, three motorized ball valves, 24-hour pumping and sequencing of pumps, valves and timers, to accommodate the high flow rate condition of this application. This ensures that the right amount of wastewater is dispersed to the correct leaching field every 30 minutes.

  • Owner/Client:
    • Foxborough Realty Development Associates – Foxborough, MA
  • Distribution Partner:
    • Pendleton Associates
    • Key Contact: Brad Pendleton
    • Phone: 860-646-4411
  • Project Start-End:
    • April 2019 – August 2019
  • Key Personnel:
    • SJE Rhombus:
      Vince Hannesson, Reg. Sales Manager
      Jeremiah Cordes, Sales Engineer
    • J. Hockman Inc.:
      Jason Hockman, Contractor
  • Products & Services Provided:
    • Project Management
    • Engineering
    • Custom engineered timed dose control panel