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Build-A-Panel™ control panels provide greater flexibility by ordering through options. SJE Rhombus® Build-A-Panel™ control panels offer pump control and alarm notification in one convenient package for a variety of pumping applications including pump chambers, sump pump basins, irrigation systems, lift stations and more. Each Build-A-Panel™ control panel comes complete with float switches, electrical schematics, installation instructions and are backed by a five-year limited warranty.


Installer Friendly Series®

The Installer Friendly Series® control panels utilize electronic technology to provide greater control of pumping systems via a simple-to-use touch pad on the inner door for programming and monitoring pump and float operations. UL/cUL Listed.

Touch Pad Display Features:
  • Easy programming for pump control
  • Pump run indicator(s)
  • Float status indicators, including float out-of-sequence alarm
  • HOA pump control switch(es)
  • 6 digit LED display includes:
  • Elapsed time meter(s)
  • Cycle counter(s)
  • Alarm counter
  • Lead/lag selector toggles pump operation in duplex models
  • Float error counter
  • Override counter in timed dose models
Capacitor Start/Run
SJE Rhombus offers motor control panels designed specifically for grinder pump applications or other pumps requiring external motor starter kits. Common applications include pump chambers and lift stations. UL/cUL Listed.
  • Single Phase Simplex (113)
  • Single Phase Duplex (123)
Intrinsically Safe
Intrinsically safe Build-A-Panel™ control panels are designed for applications requiring intrinsically safe float circuits or other circuit extensions.
  • Single Phase Simplex I.S (114)
  • Single Phase Duplex I.S (124)
  • Three Phase Simplex I.S (314)
  • Three Phase Duplex I.S (324
Floatless Technology
In addition to floats, all IFS panels are available with the C-Level™ floatless sensor:
  • Uses pressure to detect liquid level in tank and send signal to the IFS® panel
  • Compact design; low voltage
  • Easy to adjust set points
  • One sensor replaces up to 4 floats
  • CL40 (range up to 101.6 cm) or CL100 (range up to 254cm) models available
Select Start Starter Boxes™
The Select Start™ three phase starter boxes provide a reliable means of controlling a 208/240/480V, or 575V three phase motor in pump chambers, sump pump basins, irrigation systems, lift stations and air compressor systems. The starter boxes utilize a float switch to activate the combination motor controller to turn the motor on and off.
  • Single Phase, 240V
  • Three Phase, 208V, 240V, 480V, or 575V


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