Xpert Alert® WiFi Indoor Alarm System Now Available to Order

The Xpert Alert® WiFi Indoor Alarm System helps protect your home 24/7 from potentially costly damage due to flooding, pump failure or freezing pipes. The system monitors and reports any residential alarm condition by notifying you locally (audible and visual alarms) and remotely via SMS text messages and/or emails over a WiFi or Ethernet network to your smartphone, tablet or computer. The sleek design of the enclosure, with its unique shape, smooth rounded edges, and large push button with LED light ring, makes this attractive alarm ideal for residential applications.

When the tank level rises, the high water float activates the alarm to audibly and visually warn of potentially threatening liquid level conditions. The alarm features an easy-to-see LED alarm light ring that illuminates red for alarm 1 and amber for alarm 2. The alarm horn can be silenced by pressing the large button, but the LED remains on as long as the alarm condition exists. Once the condition is cleared, the alarm automatically resets. A red “Low Temperature” LED activates when the temperature falls below 40°F (4°C) to help protect against freezing pipes; this can be disabled for installations in cold areas. When alarm conditions occur, you are notified by text/email message.

The alarm works with your existing WiFi or Ethernet network. Since it does not rely on a cellular connection, it is an excellent solution for areas with poor cellular service. No monthly fees or contracts! Easy installation and setup make this a great option for businesses, rental properties and seasonal homes to help prevent costly damage.

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