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C-Con™ Converter Box

Go Floatless with Control Panels

The C-Con™ Converter Box allows control panels to utilize the innovative floatless C-Level™ sensor!

The C-Con™ converter box converts the signal from the floatless C-Level™ sensor to simulate float levels (up to four levels).  Activation levels can be conveniently set and adjusted at the C-Con™ box by using the output dials, eliminating the need to go into the tank to manually adjust float tether points. 


C-Con™ Converter Box


  • NEMA 1 rated for indoor use (can be mounted in control panel)
  • Design to work with floatless C-Level™ CL40 sensor which has a sensing range up to 40 inches (101.6 cm)
  • Green power on indicator
  • Four independently adjustable output set points with red LED status indicators
  • Adjust pump start/stop and alarm levels from converter box
  • Simulate button for testing proper wiring of outputs
  • Factory-installed output and power wires
  • Works with most simplex and duplex control panels
  • Alternative to mercury float switches

C-Level™ Sensor Options:

  • C-Level™ CL40 sensor with 4' vent tube and 20' cable
  • C-Level™ CL40 sensor with 4' vent tube and 40' cable
  • C-Level™ CL40 sensor with 8' vent tube and 20' cable
  • C-Level™ CL40 sensor with 8' vent tube and 40' cable
  • Without C-Level™ CL40 sensor
  • Auxiliary alarm contacts

Five-Year Limited Warranty

C-Level™ Sensor US Patent No. 8,567,242; 8,336,385; 8,650,949.



C-Con™ Converter Box


120 VAC, 60 Hz, 44 mA

3 amp, 240 VAC

3 x 4 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches (7.62 x 10.79 x 3.81 cm), NEMA 1 thermoplastic

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