SJE-Rhombus SES Controls EZ Series

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EZ Series® In-Site® CL with Bluetooth® Duplex Demand/TD

Get In-Site to Your On-Site™

Data Logging Panel with Wireless Bluetooth®

The EZ Series® In-Site® CL Duplex control panel is designed to control two (alternating) 120/208/240V single phase pumps in water and sewage installations. The alternating action equalizes pump wear. In addition to the alternating pump control, this system provides override control should either pump fail.

The EZ Series® In-Site® CL data logging control panel is now available with wireless Bluetooth® connection for your smartphone or tablet. Now there is no need to open the panel for configuration, viewing status or downloading data using the new EZ Connect™ Mobile App.

The panel configuration can be easily converted in the field to either a timed dose or demand dose using a tablet or smartphone. All system data including pump run times, pump cycles, alarm conditions, power outages, and more can be downloaded to the same mobile device using the exclusive EZ Connect Mobile App. 

The optional post models include an access door. The post can be mounted in the ground directly, over a 4x4, or conduit.

The C-Level™ sensor, is a pressure transducer that senses the liquid level in the tank and sends a signal to the EZ Series® In-Site® panel. C-Level™ CL40 sensor operating range is 3-39.9 inches (7.6-101.3 cm). C-Level™ CL100 operating range is 3-99.5 inches (7.6-252.7 cm).

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EZ Series® In-Site® CL with Bluetooth® Duplex Demand/TD

Display Features:

  • Control power indicator
  • Alarm power indicator
  • Pump run indicators
  • Pump push to run switches
  • Modbus port connector (PC)
  • Tank level indicator

Panel Features:

  • NEMA 4X enclosure with locking latch
  • Red alarm beacon on cover provides visual check of alarm condition
  • External alarm test/silence switch allows horn and light to be tested and horn to be silenced in an alarm condition; alarm will automatically reset once the alarm condition is cleared
  • Circuit breakers provide pump power disconnect and branch circuit protection
  • Safety cover with touch safe design
  • C-Level™ Sensor/float connection terminal block
  • Incoming control/alarm power and pump power terminal block
  • Alarm horn provides audio warning of alarm condition
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Module


  • Mounting post with removable access cover
  • For a complete listing of available options, please view the backside of the catalog page.

UL/cUL Listed

Five-Year Limited Warranty

C-Level™ Sensor US Patent No. 8,567,242; 8,336,385; 8,650,949.



EZ Series® In-Site® CL with Bluetooth® Duplex Demand/TD


10 x 8 x 6 inches (25.4 x 20.32 x 15.24 cm)
NEMA 4X (wall mount enclosure for indoor/outdoor use)

83 - 85 decible rating

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