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Home Temperature Monitor

For Home Protection

Home monitoring product that provides notification of threatening conditions.

The Home Temperature Monitor switch provides a means to monitor environmental temperature.  When used with the Auto Dialer, the system will notify of potentially threatening freezing conditions.  This can be used to help eliminate costly damage of freezing water pipes.

The switch is normally closed when the temperature is above 40oF, and the switch opens when the temperature drops below 40oF.  The switch remains open unti lthe termperature rises above 55oF, at which point the switch closes again.


Home Temperature Monitor


  • Provides an enclosed preset thermal switch and screw terminals for easy connection
  • Easy to install

One-Year Limited Warranty



Home Temperature Monitor


2.25 x 2.5 x 1.0 inches, indoor

Contacts: 24 VFC, 120 mA maximum
Switch opens at 40oF +/- 5oF
Switch closes at 55oF +/- 5oF


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