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SJE Rhombus Products

SJE Rhombus offers a variety of control solutions for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial applications.

Sump, Effluent and Sewage Controls

Sump, Effluent and Sewage Residential & Commercial Controls

SJE Rhombus offers a variety of solutions for residential and commercial applications. 

  • Control panels provide pump control and alarm notification in one package. 
  • Constant Pressure Controls control three phase pumps and maintain constant pressure.
  • Alarms provide audible and visual warning of a potentially threatening level condition. 
  • Pump switches provide automatic pump control.
  • Control switches accurately monitor levels and activate control panels and alarms.

ConstantPressureControls-background-irrigator.jpgConstant Pressure Controls
Constant Pressure Controls are economical, pre-engineered solutions for variable speed pumping applications including submersible deep well pumps, boosters pumps and irrigation pumps. 

Embedded Controls

Custom Embedded Controls
SJE Rhombus designs, tests and builds custom electronic controls for a variety of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).  Our goal is to provide you with quality products, delivered on time, and at a reasonable price.  Services include custom circuit schematic design, printed circuit board layout, firmware/software development, prototyping, validation testing, volume production and value engineering.

Engineered ControlsPRIMEX® Municipal and Industrial Water Control Solutions
PRIMEX® water control solutions for municipal and industrial applications are designed to meet individual specifications featuring variable frequency drives, remote monitoring, service entrance ratings, reduced voltage starters, programmable logic controllers, telemetry/SCADA and more.

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