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OEM Electronics

It Takes Experience

Sophisticated electronics require a wide range of technologies. It takes experience and ingenuity to leverage them and enhance the value and efficiency of your products.

Our problem-solving skills are a well-developed set of muscles. We are always ready to tackle the unique challenges in OEM electronics and we keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape.

We've helped companies around the world with control systems that monitor temperature, moition, pressure, pattern, sampling, and positioning. We've created easy-to-use interfaces, remote controls, communication tools, and more.

When you partner with SJE-Rhombus for your OEM electronics, you access our processes and controls. We give you an edge with smart design and product innovation.


Custom Embedded Electronics Controls

We Specialize In:

  • Motion Control
  • Sensing and Monitoring
  • Reduce Costs
  • User Interface - HMI
  • Networking - loT
  • Remote Controls
  • Pumping/Level Controls
  • Process Controls

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