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New product designs endure extensive in-house and field testing before submittal to recognized independent laboratories for safety testing and approval. This commitment to quality ensures dependable, trouble-free products. SJE Rhombus now offers an industry-leading five-year limited warranty on most standard catalog products.

Constant Pressure Controls & Customized Controls
The variable frequency drives to automatically control the pump speed and maintain a constant pressure in the discharge pressure, irrigation, deep well and other applications at constant pressure.

international constant pressure and customized controls

VARIOspeed® N1
VARIOspeed® 3R
VARIOspeed® 3R Duplex
Endura™ MD Triplex
PRIMEX® Industrial and Municipal Customized Controls

Standard Control Panels
SJE Rhombus® control panels offer pump control and alarm notification in one convenient package for a variety of applications, including pump chambers, sump pump basins, irrigation system, lift station and more.

international standard control panels

Build-A-Panel™ Control Panels
Build-A-Panel™ PLUS Control Panels
NEX Series® Simplex Control Panels

NEX Series® Duplex Control Panels
Model 112

Model 122
Model 312
Model 322
Model LA32
Model 32XR
SJE EMD Series™ CE Rated Panels
SJE Oil Spotter™ System

Alarm Systems
Tank Alert® liquid level alarms visually and audibly warn of threatening liquid level conditions in lift pump chambers, sump pump basins, holding tanks, sewage and other non-potable water applications.

international alarm systemsTank Alert® AB - 120 VAC
Tank Alert® EZ - 120V & 240 VAC
Tank Alert® EZ (CE) - 120V & 240 VAC
Tank Alert® XT - 240 VAC
Tank Alert® XT - 120 VAC
SJE Level Monitor™ CL

Pump Floats
Wide-angle pump floats directly control pumps up to 3HP at 250 VAC. UL Listed, CSA Certified, CE Compliant.

international pump floats

SJE Quest® Latin American Package
SJE Quest® and SJE Quest® II
SJE MicroMaster®
SJE MicroMaster® Plus
SJE MicroMaster® SPDT

SJE PumpMaster® WPS
SJE PumpMaster®
SJE PumpMaster® PLUS
SJE PumpMaster® SPDT
SJE AmpMaster®
SJE HiTempMaster™
SJE VerticalMaster® II
SJE VerticalMaster® II Plus

Control Floats
Narrow-angle control floats accurately monitor high (normally open) or low (normally closed) liquid level conditions to activate control panels and alarms. UL Listed, CSA Certified, CE Compliant.

international control floatsEZconnex® 3-Port Float Switch Connection System
EZconnex® 4-Port Float Switch Connection System
SJE MegaMaster™ (CSA Rated)
SJE SignalMaster®

SJE SignalMaster® SPDT
SJE MilliAmpMaster™
Sensor Float®
Sensor Float® Mini

SJE Rhombus provides a variety of accessories to complete any on-site water and wastewater installation.

international accessories

Cable Weight

Cable Weight Mini
Cable Clamp Assembly
Float Brackets
4-20mA Simulator

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