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Custom PCB Solutions

Partner In Innovation

SJE Rhombus creates custom PCB solutions for the most demanding applications. It's the ultimate test of innovation. OEMs around the world, count on our design engineering for applications from highly sophisticated scientific instruments to decision management networks in the harshest environments.

Partner with us to...

• design, build, test and source components
• enhance functionality 
• integrate engineering and manufacturing
• accelerate time to market

Circuit Board Design
Your vision, our ingenuity; collaborate with our team of engineers to explore possibilities. Engage the team in a time-tested design process for a custom PCB solution.

Embedded Controls and Software
Use embedded controls and software to access data more effectively; maximize connectivity and make your products smarter.

OEM Electronics
Access processes and controls created for OEMs operating some of the most sophisticated devices in the world.

PCB Assembly
Count on manufacturing and quality assurance teams that live up to the most demanding standards - where PCBs are put to the most stringent tests.

Electronics Manufacturing Services
Accomplish all your electronics manufacturing services and assembly with one central point of contact, SJE Rhombus.

SJE Rhombus represents the most reliable integration of engineering and manufacturing capabilities in the industry.

Embedded Controls Brochure


Custom Embedded Controls


Innovative Engineering Solutions for Software, Firmware and Hardware Designs

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  • Municipal
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Entertainment

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